Pyjamas and holidays

School holidays are well and truly here…..DD, DS1 and DS2 have been in their jammies since last Friday (that is, when they weren’t in their swimsuits!). Well, DD and DS1 actually wore their jammies to school last Thursday….a tradition for the last day of the 2nd term! I love this. It reminds me of summer holidays at home when we rolled out of bed and watched TV non-stop (I mean when we diligently attended to our list of chores as Mum and Dad worked)! They play in the garden in their PJs and eat dinner with PJs on…..but today I think my darling husband took it a bit too far.

I arrived home from work to find them still in their PJs. Not that that’s bad in itself…..but he had told me earlier that they had been to the supermarket to pick up a few essentials and as always, to guarantee compliance in the supermarket, there was the usual pit stop at Starbucks for ‘bizzy’ water (as all 3 used to call it) and oversized muffins (and DH wonders why they don’t eat lunch!). I started to ask the question as DD came running up to me to excitedly tell me she met her little school friend with her Mum in the shop and they were trying to arrange playdates! Taking them out in public in their bed attire is one thing but the shame of them being witnessed by someone they know is quite something else!

I wouldn’t mind but they weren’t even wearing their ‘best’ PJs……DS1 was wearing mis-matched ones, DD’s ones look like they have been washed on a ‘boil’ cycle one too many times and DS” was wearing a pair of DS1’s which are too big for him and cause him to trip on the legs (or as he says, ‘my trousers keep dragging me’!). Honestly, some days I want to pin a sign to their backs ‘I dressed myself today’. When I found out about their little jaunt outdoors today, I would have pinned a different sign on their backs ‘It’s mid-term and Daddy is looking after us in the mornings. We’ll be back in the afternoon when Mummy takes over and you can see how we usually dress’. Gosh, if they insist on wearing jammies as day wear I will have to start ironing them…..mental note, ‘get them out of this habit’!

I guess I can be thankful for small mercies…it is the beginning of a 2 week break….maybe K’s mum will have forgotten the incident when she sees them again at school in their immaculately clean and perfectly ironed uniforms!

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