Mercury on the Rise

It’s the 3rd week of June. It’s flippin’ hot. Yet Dubaians still react with renewed shock every time a temperature rise is confirmed by the Met office here. Summer Solstice is due to welcome the hottest day of the year with the silver line hitting 48! Cue the collective groan. Yesterday was 42 and 60% humidity. Walking to the pool in the afternoon, I thought my skin would bypass the sunburn part and go directly to the peeling stage……does one ever get used to these temps?

Last week as the average tremperature hovered in the high 30’s, I couldn’t decide if summer was unusually late or, after almost 5 years in the desert, I was finally starting to acclimatise. Oh, how I wished it was the latter but I am pretty certain Mother Nature is playing a trick on me!

What does it matter anyway? Whether it’s acclimatisation or a late summer, it only means the inevitable heat has been postponed for a short time and the life of relay racing from one air conditioned place to the next resumes!

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