Moving up to Big School

Two weeks ago, DS2 had his first ‘Moving up’ day at ‘big school’.  ‘Moving up’ day means each class in the school moves to the class which they have  been allocated for the September school start.  This gives the children the chance to meet their new teachers and the other children in their class.  For the first timers going to ‘Big School’, it’s their chance to also see the school and their classroom.

For the past two years DS2 has been tagging along with me at pick-up to meet DD and DS1.  He is familiar with the children, the school, some of the teachers and the lovely security guard who greets us each day with a warm smile and a ‘high 5′ !  DS2 has been there for his siblings’ assemblies and Christmas productions.  He has been a ‘hanger on’ at school birthday parties.  He practically does homework with them!  He has learned his numbers, the alphabet and phonetic sounds with the other two.

On their first induction day, the new joiners were asked to bring along a picture of themselves which they had drawn.  DS2 started off promisingly….two matchstick legs.  Then he added a big round head, a round body, some chicken feet and, finished off with two circles in the body.

Without thinking, I asked ‘what are the circles, honey?’

‘Your boobies, Mummy’ came the response.

He then proceeded to draw a ‘mini-me’ to represent him but, thankfully without the boobies!!!!

DS1 and DD were in stitches.

I didn’t know what to say other than my well practised line of ‘that’s beautiful honey’.  I was even less sure what to think…..perhaps DS2 was not so ready to go to ‘Big School’ afterall……….

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