The Night Before the First Day

Tomorrow my Dubai Baby starts school.  Where has the time gone????  It was only 5 years ago that we moved to Dubai and now my Dubai Baby is starting in Reception.

I think DS2 and I feel the same.  Well, maybe, not really.  He feels anxious, me, less so….or maybe not!  I feel he is ready, he, perhaps less so.  Gosh, changing status quo as an adult is bloomin’ hard enough.  How must it be for a near 5 year old????

He can read, write and knows some maths.  ‘He’ll be fine’, I advise  myself.  I am just glad he will have a uniform…..up till now his couture choice has been: PJs, Football kit or worn, 3 year old trackie bottoms flying half mast……

Tomorrow we will be there, with support, love and bribery (yet to decide on the clincher!).

I foresee a morning of clockwatching at work.  I will be dreaming of the ice cream promise all morning till I see DD, DS1 and DS2 in their gingham uniforms at 1:50pm.  CAN’T WAIT!

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