Three days into the new school year and we are slowly getting into the swing of things….DS1 and DD have had no problems settling back into school….though that may change when focus and homework will be required from next week!  DS2 has done remarkably well for his first week at Big School.

As seems to be usual with new school years, at the morning drop off there seems to be as many parents as there are children milling about.  Well, the kids are charging about whilst the Mummies and Daddies chat.

On Thursday, both DH and I did the drop off.  DH is usually commander in chief of drop offs but, as it was the new school year, I just wanted to make sure all 3 munchkins were settled and happy.  DH said he was going to shoot off straight after he said goodbye to DS2, so he could beat the line of crawling traffic leaving the school.

As it turns out, I was on the motorway and well on my way to work when DH was still chatting at the school gates!  He bumped into another Dad he knew and they got chatting outside DS2’s class.  When DS2 was safely in his classroom and I was making a beeline for my car, where was DH?  Still chatting!  When he finally escaped and headed for the exit, he bumped into a former Mummy colleague and they got chatting.  He said he was the last one to join the painful queue of traffic to get onto the motorway!

This made me giggle….DH will no longer be able to ask with incredulity ‘how come it takes you soooo long to do the school run in the mornings?’

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