School Run Envy

On the odd occasion that I do the morning drop off at school or nursery, I would often find myself staring dreamily at those Mums dressed in their gym gear, ready to hit the gym once the bell tolled for the start of the school day.

I envied anyone who had the time to fit in a workout, coffee mornings, grocery shopping, all round hair, nail and body maintenance, and any other errand for which I dreaded sacrificing my precious weekend time.  My envy would grow to resentment, and then revert back to envy at how easy these Mums’ lives must be.  These graceful Mummies seem to float in and out of the school grounds, whilst I always feel like I am in a relay race in heels, in the unforgiving terrain of deep, dusty sand. They are on a par with those Mums who drop off in one outfit and who have time to shower and change before collecting their little darlings.  I am far from the image of the perfect Dubai Mummy, hair sticking to my forehed, make-up sliding off my face and feet covered in sand to my ankles…..

But, when all is said an done, there is nothing more soul destroying than seeing Dads dressed for their post drop-off gym workout ……

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2 Responses to School Run Envy

  1. Hi! How funny – I have to put my hands up and admit I’m one of those gym-clad mummies at the moment (I’ve been both, last year I was working part-time), but I know from experience that it’ll only be about 4 weeks before I’m envious of the working mums who have somewhere to go other than the gym!

    • Dubai Mum says:

      Thank you for stopping by my blog! I’ve only told a handful of people about it…how did you find it????

      Have read some of your posts – love it and have passed it on!

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