Week 2 of Big School

Sunday – tears….

Monday – no tears but reluctant to be parted from Daddy

Tuesday – see Monday

Wednesday – hardly looked round and had to be asked by Daddy for a goodbye hug and kiss!!!!

Now we are not worried about tomorrow!!!!

Starting school is such a rollercoaster of emotions for everyone, the children, mums, dads, teachers!  The second week has been particularly hard on all the children as they realise this is it….this is life for the next 12 years….every day, same drill, uniform, book bags, homework, and……mum yelling at us to get in the car as she melts in 50 degrees in the car park!

With DD and DS1 already in school, the anxiety levels were not as high when DS2 started school .  The school is familiar.  The teachers are friendly faces and the other parents supportive in every way.  But whilst I look at DS2 and think he is too young/small to go to school; that he looks so different and grown up in his uniform, I well up with excitement thinking about the new, exciting, colourful world that awaits him; endless possibilities of fun, learning and discovery.

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