My Week

Since Monday (the 2nd day of our week in this part of the world), I have had the distinct feeling that the week was not going by as quickly as usual, and definitely not as quickly as I would like!  By mid-week, hump day Tuesday, time was dragging by.  Slow motion in the desert.  Time’s hands creeped round the clock face.  Even I felt I was moving slower.  The kids always seem to move slow in the heat.  Pace is determined by how much one sweats when standing outside, not by the seconds that have ticked by in real time!

How we managed to get to Thursday, the start of our weekend, is a miracle.  I feel exhausted, drained, and there is no question that I have sweated, dried and re-sweated way too many times each day this week.

I drive to work and pack as much work as I can into a 4-5 hour day (and, believe me, that is a lot more than most of the support staff manage in twice that time!), rush to pick up the kids and then home via the shops for food, do homework and dread the start of afterschool activities.

Obviously, my boss thinks I don’t fit enough into my half a day’s work and that those remaning few minutes I use to go to the bathroom or refill my water, could be more effectively usedfor the benefit of the company.  He called me to his office.  I was prepared.  He was ambitious.  Don’t you just hate it when your boss asks you to give a rundown of what you are doing only to dump a lot more work on your plate without realising the time and energy involved in what you currently do?

Over my summer break, I had decided to do my 4 hours and leave work in the office.  After all, that is what my contract states – 4 hours each day.  But, for quite a while before the summer break, I had been taking work home, working weekends…..a pattern with which I was not happy was forming.  I know it’s called ‘going the extra mile’ but it felt like a ‘marathon’ most days, and needless to say, most of the time, it was not appreciated.

So, my post summer resolution of leave work in the office has been banished to never, never land. Sigh.

Oh well.  I hope the ‘Zen’ I had hoped to work on is as patient as it is calm because, once again, it will have to be put on the back burner.

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