Battle of the Sexes

So, DD went to her first pyjama party (thankfully not involving a sleepover!) yesterday.  Opting for a nightie and bringing along one of her favourite soft toy, she had a blast.  They played games, ate cake and had their nails painted.  They also watched 2 movies: Barbie and Hannah Montana.

Now, I would not be a fan of either of those as a movie choice for my DD who soon turns 7 but I didn’t want to make a big deal of it in front of DD.

‘Did you enjoy the movies?’ I asked nosily.

‘I liked the Barbie movie but not Hannah Montana’ she replied in a blase tone.

My face lit up with a smug grin of satisfaction (and relief!)!

But, this got me thinking.  DS1 has been watching Ben 10 cartoons, movies and playing with Ben 10 themed toys for what seems like forever!  He was drawn to Ben 10 when he was about 4.  By virtue of DS1’s interest, DS2 was exposed even earlier! Yet, I would think the target audience is 6+.  How is it that this interest didn’t bother me as much as the thought of my DD playing with Barbie or hanging onto every word Hannah Montana says?  Other girls her age, in her class, are ‘into’  HM.

Ben 10 is a superhero.  He has supernatural powers.  It is a common theme of boys’ interests at most ages; good triumphing over bad.  If my boys want to save the world, that’s fine with me!  Barbie, on the other hand, with her big boobs and unrealistically skinny waist, is not what I want for my daughter.  And, whilst I know DD will grow up, become a tween/teen with lashings of attitude, impossibly short shorts and midrif showing tops, I would rather she didn’t reach those milestones before she hits double digit birthdays!

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