Since the kids have learned my and DH’s mobile numbers, the summer has been filled with regular calls from ‘Home’…..The first time I received a call from ‘Home’, I was at work.   My kids were at home with our helper.  My heart skipped a beat and as I scrambled to press the answer button, I dropped the phone on the floor.

What could have happened?  Who has had an accident?  Why would L need to call me at work??????

‘Hello’ I blurted urgently.

‘Hi Mummy, I got the highest score on the iPad’ shrieked DS1 with delight.

Phew.  No fire, no accidents, no fever.  Just DS1 celebrating high scores on Ninja Climb.

The next call came about 2 minutes later.  DD just saying ‘hello’ and asking me what I was doing!

‘Not very much work, honey!’

When the next three calls came, I felt confident enough to ignore them…..perhaps they would get the message!

A few days later, on my way home in the car, Home ‘called’ again.  I answered thinking I just needed to assure the caller I was on my way home and would be there in 15 mins.

‘Mummy, DS1 is skateboarding in the house’ snitched DD.

‘Put DS1 on the phone’ I ordered.

‘Hi Mummy, I am only skating a little bit, only in the front room’ DS1 said defensively.

‘DS1, you know I said no skateboarding in the house.  Skateboards are for outside’ I replied.

He ‘humpfed’ and the line went dead.

‘Hello, hello, DS1, are you there?’ I asked.

Nope, just the dialling tone…….

The little bugger hung up on me in a huff!  Seriously?

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