Just Call Me……

‘Mummy Nag’, ‘Wife Nag’, amd/or ‘Co-worker Nag’….choose one….any which one you like and/or suits the moment.

Speaking to a co-worker today he asked me ‘Why do you have make my life so difficult?’  He said it with a smile on his face,  and was not being serious (well, at least I hope he wasn’t!).   My response was ‘If you think I make your life difficult now…..just wait…..you will not know what has hit you in the coming weeks!’  I was being serious.  He promptly left my office as another co-worker looked on giggling!

And then I got to thinking…..my job and my homelife are very similar.  I spend my time at work harassing people to do this, that and give me this or that.  I email, I send memos, I speak to them.  They react politely but more often than not, it gets me nowhere.  I resent them for making me ask more than twice.  It makes me feel like a nag in the office to the point I am sure they raise their eyes to heaven and think about running and hiding when they see me coming.

From work, I drive to collect my munchkins.  From the moment I ask them for the 3rd time to get into the car quickly due to my imminent heat induced expiration in the sandpit car park, I feel I am back to nagging.  Indeed, a different level of nagging but still…..On the car journey home, I constantly ask for a reduction in noise levels so I can focus on driving, then in the door, it’s ‘get changed out of your uniform’, ‘don’t throw your clothes on the floor’, ‘choc chip cookies are not a healthy snack’, ‘sit and do homework’, ‘sit and do homework’, ‘sit and do homework’, ‘seriously, you think that is the letter ‘c’??’………Like my colleagues, I am sure my children would like to run and hide from me, given half the chance!

Enter DH…..’Did you swing by Spinneys on your way home to get milk/bread/bananas/comfort food?’, ‘will you do maths homework with them’, ‘they need a hairwash tonight’, ‘can you take them out for a scoot before bathtime?’, ‘when will you ever stop looking at that BlackBerry?’

I am annoying myself at this stage…..

In my defence, however, a quick calculation points to the fact that I spend most of my day in the company of males; at work and at home…….I think most women would agree, my ‘nag’ status is a bit like a hangover to my ‘nagees’ – self inflicted!

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