21st Century Kids

It’s funny how you feel your children make you feel like you are morphing into your parents.  Back in the day, and I am talking about the ‘Walkman’ day……my parents were dazzled by new fangled gadgets.  Listening to Michael Jackson’s Thriller tape (yes! I said ‘tape’) on full volume in my brother’s Sony Walkman (yes!  I said my ‘brother’s’ Walkman, because I didn’t have one) whilst singing along at the top of my not-so-well trained voice, the world was perfect.  My brother had been working in the US over the summer and bought the most up-to-date gadgets.  No one could top what he had.  I repeat, the world was truly perfect.

Not for one second could I, as a teen, possibly conceive of a time when technology would be so advanced, that the 21st century’s answer to a Walkman would be similar in size to a credit card, and which, when used when exercising would not cause the songs to ‘jiggle’….easy peasey.

The next best invention was E-mail….WOW.  The internet – WOWer.

Then came an hiatus in my tecchie knowledge and experience.  I resisted mobile phones with the ferocity of a lioness protecting her cubs.  In my day it was cool to be different.  It was all about individuality; not conforming.  We stood up for what we believed in.

Yet here I am – throwing all 21st century gadgets at my kids.  Well, throwing is an exaggeration.  Given the kids’ catching skills, that would be sheer foolishness!

I am by no means queuing up at 3AM to get the latest in technology, but when the rush subsides, I am there, more because I think it is critical that my kids adapt to technology from an early age than because I think it ‘cool’.  So much for the principles of my youth!

But seriously, if an iPad can be an educational tool and make numbers, letters etc. more interesting, then I am willing to try.

It goes without saying my kids are phenomenal when it comes to playing Temple Run, Fruit Ninja, Ninja Jump……they dabble in the educational stuff.  I believe their brains are being wired to ‘tech thinking’ and somewhere along the line, they are learning something.

All I know is that despite hours of practice on Temple Run, Fruit Ninja, Ninja Jump, I am rubbish compared to my kids who are relatively new to this planet.  Yes, it is baffling.  Now I feel like my parents when I was lauding it over them with my brother’s Walkman……..I blame my fat fingers and a very sensitive iPad touch screen!!!!!

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