Back to School – Week 3

DH and I are still in a state of shock!  DS2 has settled into school so well….so much better than we anticipated and we are so happy!  DH is still on school drop off duties.  DD and DS1 dump their bags outside their classrooms and run off with their friends in a gingham blur.

Then DH walks DS2 to his classroom.  Usually, he would stand around chatting to DS2, enjoying some quality ‘boy’ time, as they wait for the doors to open (why this can only happen when the bell rings at 8am is beyond me, and seems particularly cruel in the hotter weather).  But yesterday, DS2 left DH’s side and wandered off to sit beside one of his new friends, M.  There he chatted with his friend and, from what DH could hear, was inviting himself to M’s house for a playdate!

The bell rang.  DS2 stood in line with his bags, and with barely a glance backwards to DH, he happily entered his new environment.

I was so excited to hear how well he is settling; so proud of my little man.  But yet, such a momentous milestone brought with it mixed emotions, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a tinge of sadness.  My little man, all grown up.  I no longer have babies… they are all on their way to being independent, little people……

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