Can We Ever Replace Paper and Pen?????

My answer? NO…..I have a BlackBerry phone, and I sometimes carry iPads in my bag (but that’s just if I am going somewhere with the kids and I feel they might need the distraction).  Often I have a pen in my bag.  But, more often than not, I do not have paper.  Well, that is, clean, scribble free paper.  When ideas pop into my head, and I don’t have something on which to scribble them down, they will be forever lost in the memory ether……that bugs me.  But more than anything, it bugs me that I can’t remember to put a notepad in my bag every day.  Perhaps I should be more annoyed at myself for not being able to transfer the contents of one bag to the next each day…..It’s not necessarily the memory ether that is holding all my ingenious ideas… is probably the tardis handbag I used last week!

Mental note: it is easier to jot down notes than to type them on a BB or an iPad.  Paper is equal in importance to my wallet.

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