Brotherly Love

Unfortunately DD has been struggling with a cold and croaky voice for the past few days.  Going to bed last night, her voice was gone.   ‘No school for you tomorrow young lady!’ I announced.

She burst into tears and tried to challenge my medical decision by whispering her objections as loud as possible! ‘It’s library day tomorrow.  I have to go to school’, she sobbed.  As I tried to calm her down, I could hear DS1 clearing his throat, and coughing.  The look on his face said he was trying it on to see if he too could get out of school….

‘OK, I understand you want to go to school sweetie but if you don’t get better, you won’t be able to go to DS2 birthday party this weekend.  Besides, DS1 can see if he can get you a library book tomorrow’, I suggested.

DS1 was thrilled with the chance to act like a big brother, and enquired as to which book she would like.

‘Something with Horrid Henry in it but not the ones I have already read’, she replied.

Peace and calm restored.

On the way home from having picked up the boys, DD called to see how close to home we were.  After a few quick words, DS1 insisted he speak with his sis.

‘Sis, I couldn’t get you a book in the library today because the librar, librar, librariaraian said I had to give back 2 books if I wanted to take out 2 books.  So, because you said you wanted Horrid Henry, guess which book I got?  Horrid Henry.  It’s about football.  I will like the football bit and you will like the Horrid Henry bit’ sang DS1.

My heart melted.  Such a kind, thoughtful little boy.

By this time DS2 was screaming at DS1 asking for the phone so he could talk to his sis.

‘Sis, you know, I got 3 stickers today; 2 for the House Team and one for my chart’.

It definitely made a change from the usual bickering and shouting that goes on in the back of the car from tired munchkins…… DH and I have gotten something right!  Not quite sure what but, for once, they acted like little humans!!!

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