‘For my next birthday, can I have a ‘Tottendam’ Spurs football kit?’ asked football crazy DS2.

I giggle and look to DH who raises his eyes to heaven to reply, ‘DS2, you can’t have every kit of every team you watch on TV’.

‘Why not?’ replied DS2 without taking his eyes off the TV.

In the past year, DS2 has become obsessed with football; well as much as a 4-5 year old can become obsessed with anything.  Taking the lead from DS1 who took to football with gusto when he started playing with his friends as an afterschool activity last year, he has been kicking anything that remotely resembles a ball (including DS1’s head)!

For 2 years, I battled him each day with regard to his wardrobe choice.  Every day, he wanted to wear the same trousers, the same top; it was a good day if I could persuade him to change his underpants!  Over time, he grew, and the trackie bottoms flew half mast.  The knees and bum sections became threadbare.  I patched them.  The patches became threadbare.  I put patches on patches.  There was no getting away from his ‘comfort’ clothes.  It drove me crazy most mornings and I soooo wanted to put a sign on his back explaining that he ignored all of Mummy’s sartorial and hygiene advice…..

But then, as his interest in football grew, so did his interest in alternative attire – the FOOTBALL KIT!  Until then, I thought I would have to wait until he started school, and had to wear a uniform before I would see him in something different!

As DS2’s knowledge of the football world expanded, so too did his choice of football kit.  C’mon Liverpool, Chelsea,  Man United, Man City, Spurs, Arsenal; whichever team was playing, that’s the kit he wanted…….This frustrates DH no end.  In his eyes, you can only choose one team and that’s the team that Daddy supports – Liverpool.  Supporting any other team (at least any other team in the Premiership) is heresy, especially Man U!

Whilst football may be life and death for Premiership fans, and even though I foresee battle lines being drawn between DH and strong willed, single minded DS2, I am just thankful that football served such a divine purpose of getting DS2 out of his rags!!!!!

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