Seats, shots……both have featured in our lives in the last few weeks.

Finally, I let go of the car seats……up until now I have had the kids in 5 point harness seats which are suitable until the age of 12 years.  Although there is no legal requirement in Dubai to buckle up, let alone ensure kids are safely strapped into car seats, I wasn’t taking any chances.  The Number 1 killer of children here…….car accidents.  Goodness only knows the injury rate…..The kids referred to them as ‘baby seats’.  I saw them as a crucial part of car safety.

However, as all their friends have booster seats, DH persuaded me that simple boosters are fine.  The argument: when I was a kid, we had nothing…..My response ‘in your day you didn’t have 12 lane motorways, high performance cars, 4×4 cars…need I go on???

I lost.  They now have boosters and the choice of 2 x 5 point harness seats.  They decide, and at least we have enough safety equipment in the car for playdate kids!

AND, the other ‘booster’……

Pre-school boosters…..well, I wasn’t quite on time with those….DS2 started school and I still wasn’t quite sure which vaccinations he needed!  Having consulted the school nurse, she set me straight.  Today was D-Day.  I had booked the appointment with the paediatrician and did not tell DS2.  Picked him up from school and broke the news.

‘Mummy, will the lady poke me with a stingy thing?’ he asked, indicating he seemed to remember what ‘boosters’ meant.

‘Yes’, I confirmed.  ‘It will hurt a little, but I know you are a big, brave boy and I will get you a treat afterwards’, I bribed.

HE DID NOT FLINCH for either shot…..

In the last month DS2 has never ceased to amaze me.

He sucked on his lollipop at ‘injection’ time and didn’t move.  He even forgot the promise of a treat in return for being brave.

Not even I could be that brave and fearless……I take my hat off to DS2!

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