More Car Chats

‘That’s an adult word’ announced DD speaking to DS2.

Lost in music and trying to focus on the ridiculous line of traffic ahead of me, I missed the ‘adult’ word.  But, no need to worry, DD would repeat it continuously for the best part of the length of the traffic jam.

‘When you are 13 or more than 13, you can say it.  But until then, only adults can say it. ‘Cos after 13 you are past a teenager and an adult’ she explained authoritatively.

The word was ‘sexy’.

I wasn’t quite sure if I should be more concerned about the fact DD:

a) knows the word ‘sexy’; or

b) was explaining to her 5 year old brother about the rules of use of the word ‘sexy’; or

c) thought adulthood starts at 13 years; or

d) possibly all of the above.

Well, I did know she knew the word ‘sexy’.  She learned it from a Bruno Mars song her year 1 class sang for their end of year send off.  DD’s teacher at the time, Miss C,  told the class that ‘sexy’ was an adult word, and instead, they would use the word ‘lovely’.

Teachers are fabulous – I take notes on all their tricks….!

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