Birthday Parties

DS2 had his first ‘big’ birthday party over the weekend.  He has just started Big School and we promised he could invite everyone in his new class.  He was so excited.  A party at a private venue with him as the guest of honour.  It doesn’t get much better than that for a 5 year old!

Two weeks after the school start, invitations were delivered to each of the electric blue book bags in his class.  All I had to do now was wait on RSVPs.

I assume the reason we use a French term of ‘RSVP’ is because it is an internationally recognised term.

Apparently not.

26 invitations sent.  16 confirmed attendance.  6 made their excuses.  4 didn’t respond at all.

2 cancelled on the morning of the party, one of whom cancelled 45 mins beforehand……


The 4 kids of those parents who didn’t respond turned up.

Thankfully sufficient party bags had been arranged (thanks to DD).

But seriously……does common courtesy even play a remote factor in your brain?

Cards are marked……

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