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Trick or Treat?

Hallow’een has become like Christmas for the kids.  In the run up to the day, they talk about it non-stop and pour as much energy into the celebration as they do into writing their letters to Santa!  They drag me … Continue reading

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are something that one feels Dubai is missing. When asked, people will often say that there are only three real seasons in Dubai: hot, hotter and OMG, have I died and gone to hell? And then we creep towards the … Continue reading

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Robocop Does Exercise

Today, I started back at my exercise regime.  I do not care to admit how long it has been since I last sweated intentionally.  Let’s just focus on the fact that I have stretched my big toe onto the exercise … Continue reading

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Footballer in the Family?

Once I collect all 3 from their classrooms we make our sweaty way to the car.  This means passing through the playground and the newly astro turfed mini football pitch before the school gates.  The kids have a tendency to … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Thing

happened last night.  At bedtime, DS1 insisted on reading DS2’s bedtime story.  At first DS2 looked on with suspicion. Whine, whinge, moan….until….. He heard DS1 starting to read.   Full of expression and pride, DS1 continued with the 123 book.  By … Continue reading

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Dummies’ Guide to Spanx

So, went along to the Black Tie gala dinner.  It was a great night out.  The spanx remained intact…just.  Still not the ‘red carpet’ effect….but could still go to the loo without whipping out the Swiss Army Knife! 3 glasses … Continue reading

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and I’m talking about mine…not the kids’! DD has just had her assembly.  For that big day, parents were expected to practise their lines with them.  Done.   Not easy, but done.  The end result was fabulous. Next week DS1 has … Continue reading

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