Some days I find I endure many forms of torture….Today was one of those days.

With the aim of avoiding what has become insane traffic to exit the community in which we live, I left extra early for work.  First mistake of the day.  Although we live quite near to the main gate, it took me 20 minutes to get onto the road which allowed me to drive faster than 5 km/ph.  Cars are coming from a number of directions, and trying to get onto the same exit route.  There is nothing worse than those drivers who refuse to follow the unwritten ‘one car’ rule which would allow one car to enter the main road from a side street. Instead such drivers prefer to speed up to the car in front, block the gap even if this means rearending the car in front…..a rather silly approach when there are so many witnesses to testify to those drivers’ stupidity.

2nd mistake – Switching on my computer at work!  Well, that is actually necessary in order for me to do work and get paid…however, the firm has installed a new document management system which seems to be proving torture for IT support and the computers!  Only after 20 mins, a tea and a chat could I access my inbox…..getting up early and leaving the house early is overrated…..

This afternoon I overheard the kids discussing Chinese torture!  That brought me back!  I asked them what they were chatting about and all 3 were eager to demonstrate on me.  Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for me, they were not doing it quite right……

And then came mistake number 3…..I showed them what Chinese torture really felt like…..

‘Ouch, that hurts’ said DS2 with glee, thrilled at the thought of learning a new torture technique.

For a fleeting second, I was happy to have imparted some cool knowledge.  But, my momentary joy was quickly overshadowed by the image of kids torturing each other a la Chinois……What was I thinking?????

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