Bieber Fever

Well…the big news in the Middle East in the past few weeks has centred on Justin Bieber’s concert in Dubai next May!  When Virgin radio announced they were bringing the teen heartthrob to Dubai, the calls of ecstatic (mainly) school girls flooded in.  There were tears of joy, silent sobs, screams of ecstasy; all were overwhelmed and mega (does that word show my age?) excited. WOW….that’s all I can say, ‘WOW’.

In my day, teens were often described as greasy haired, pimple faced, scrawny creatures; full of hormonal angst and insecurity.  Today, teens are Justin Bieber; coiffed, porcelain faced, scrawny creatures; full of confidence and a certain amount of teen sex appeal.

I am glad DD is not old enough to care much for JB and, I dread the time she is the one sobbing, screaming down Virgin radio’s phone over the JB equivalent for her time!

When I mentioned my dread to one of my colleagues he laughed, and said, ‘JB is not all bad…just wait till your DD refuses to dress in any other colour other than black, dyes her fair hair black, paints her face white and her eyes black…….if I were you, that’s what I would dread more!’

So true…..JB is looking more and more like the kind of boy every Mum would like her daughter to bring home!

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