are something that one feels Dubai is missing.

When asked, people will often say that there are only three real seasons in Dubai: hot, hotter and OMG, have I died and gone to hell?

And then we creep towards the end of October.  My car reads sub 30C temperatures at 7:15AM….Pick up at 2PM temps fight to remain under 40C.

We celebrate!  Winter is coming!  Whhoooaaahhhh!

I LOVE this time of year.  The skies are a cloudless blue.  The unbearable humidity silently slinks away to frizz another continent’s hair.  Dubai is more beautiful than ever.  Mornings are AWESOME.  Mornings are cool.  Even the birds sound chirpier and more upbeat, in contrast to their lethargic, monotone summer singing.

Like a child never wanting their birthday to end, or not wanting Christmas day to end, I do not want this weather to end.  This is truly the stuff of Dubaians’ dreams.  We slog out most of the summer here, sometimes feeling like there is no end in sight, and always feeling like the mercury is permanently stuck on ‘insanely hot’.  Living indoors is the only option, and cabin fever is unavoidable.

AND here it is….WINTER…….and it never disapponts – BLISS.

Life indoors is swapped for as much time as possible outside; pool, beach, biking, scooting, football/tennis/obstacle courses in the back garden.  The kids live in their swimsuits, flip flops and goggles.  Half of the desert’s sand seems to get dragged indoors, and no amount of sweeping, hoovering or mopping seems to help.  Who cares?!

Weekends are adventures.  ‘What shall we do today?’  So much choice, how will we fit it all in?

Sitting in the sea today, watching the kids splashing about and exploring the marine life, I turned to DH and remarked ‘we could be on holidays.’  It’s wonderful to be outside, feel the warmth of the sun, and the clear, cool water lapping at your feet, all accompanied by the snorting giggles of excited kids.  Dubai’s winter weekends are just like summer holidays!

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