The Cat Amongst the Pigeons

DS2 has created divisions in the household.  He is only 5 years old, but he is like a union leader…..refusing to follow/listen/acknowldege what his more experienced elders (i.e., DH and Grandad)  have known for a very, very, very longtime – Liverpool is the best team in the world; when they are winning.  When they are not, they can be truly awful, but must still be supported.  And yes, that means at all costs.

DS2 loves playing football.  He loves watching football.  From what DH has told me about his childhood, I swear DS2 is a mini-DH.  It’s all about the sport, the games, the points, the leagues, and that is not just restricted to football!

With the appropriate amount of indoctrination (i.e., Liverpool kit from birth), he started out as a Liverpool fan.  Now, however, having been exposed to satellite sports channels on an almost round the clock basis, he has decided Liverpool is not his team of choice.  5 years old – so young, yet so wise!!

Don’t get me wrong.  He will support them when they play.  He will celebrate their goals as if they were World Cup winners.  He will even wear the hand-me-down kit.  But since his interest in all things ‘football’ was piqued, I have yet to hear him ask for anything that relates to Liverpool.  On the other hand, he constantly requests all things related to Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea and, dare I say it, Man U!!!!

Understandably DH is incensed.  I am not quite sure I can describe on a public forum how Grandad might feel!!  However, I like to think of it as more of  a ‘winner’ mentality.  DS2 sees the other teams winning, and unfortunately, Liverpool doesn’t do much of that at the moment (nor has it done in recent years – I stand to be corrected in detail by DH on that sweeping statement!).  He sees Spurs and Arsenal scoring goals.  Chelsea and Man U are successful.  This is what he wants to emulate in the back garden when it is one-on-one with Daddy.

On the weekend, after much nagging, DH relented and bought DS2 an Arsenal baseball cap (it was that or a Man U cap – and even I refuse to line Man U’s pockets!).  Open floodgates.  DS1, the more loyal Liverpool fan of the 2 boys, now wants a Chelsea cap…….it looks like DH may grant that wish too!

So now, my boys are out the back, in their Barcelona kits and their Arsenal and Chelsea caps.  Winners all round.  I understand the sense of betrayal DH might feel, but at least they are channelling winner vibes…..that’s gotta count for something!!

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