Justin Bieber is a Girl/Boy

according to DS2!

Tonight, as MTV entertained my front room occupants, DS1 squealed with delight when JB’s music video started.

‘I love this song’ he announced as he jumped up to mimic JB’s moves and sing along to his latest hit.

Whilst DS1 was in the throes of a ‘hairbrush’ microphone moment, DS2 slinked up beside me and whispered in my ear: ‘Justin Beezer is a girl/boy.’

Puzzled (well, not really….let’s face it, JB could put on some lippy, gel back that ridiculous fly away hair, and wear something feminine – no one would know he is a boy!), I couldn’t wait to see where this was going….

‘Justin Bieber (yes, he managed to get his name right this time!), wears girls’ swimsuits.  He wears the same one as you do, Mummy’ he justified in all earnestness.

Turning around to see the video, it all fell into place.

JB is frolicking around in what looks like a waterpark.  He is wearing boarder shorts and a black tank top.  It does not occur to a 5 year old that someone would wear clothes in a swimming pool (he has yet to observe the pool attire of certain nationalities in Dubai!).  What JB is wearing resembles the black all in one Mummy wears when she goes swimming.  Ergo, JB is a girl/boy; looks like a boy (sometimes even I have my doubts about this) but dresses like a girl for the pool!


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