Rain, Rain, Please Do Not Go Away….

Overnight it rained…..OMG…it’s that time of year again….YIPPEE….YIPPEE…..

Raindrops keep falling on my head…..

It is so funny that we now get sooooo excited about rain.  And, when I say, rain, I mean a few drops of precipatation – just about enough to lick the roads and pavements moist.

It is quite inconceivable that anyone from a rainy climate could possibly be happy to see rain ever again.  But, as the saying goes ‘you don’t know what got until it’s gone’.  The love of your life, rain etc…same thing!

Glorious….normally an adjective reserved for the sunshine but,  when you do ‘Dubai’ style, every sparkly, shiny, glittery adjective is reseved for the RAIN!

The children screamed with excitement, and ran to get their umbrellas.  Well, DS1 didn’t.  He just ran out to the front shiny, wet porch and attempted a skid/slide movement along its length.  And all before they left for school at 7:30am.

We Dubaians suspected winter was well and truly upon us last week.  But today confirmed that fact with gusto!  I repeat – YIPPEE!

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