10 Reasons I Love Dubai (though there are a LOT more!)

Maybe it’s the time of year, but every time I get in my car to run an errand, go to work, do the school run, I can’t help but smile.  Life is good.  Skies are blue (generally), weather is indescribably stunning.  People are smiling and there is a chillaxed feeling about life, all of which makes me thankful that my family lives here.  Why?

In no particular order:

1. Eternal blue skies

2. All year round swimming

3. White sandy beaches and crystal clear winter waters

3. The most beautiful winters you will ever experience

4. No income tax

5. The diversity of Dubai’s cultural make-up

6. Cheap petrol

7. Ladies (and children) only parks

8. The range of after school activities for children: swimming, football, tennis, basketball, martial arts, horseriding, snowboarding, music, go-karting, rugby, gymnastics……..all within 15 mins of home!

9. The Emirate’s Energy

10. Knowing you are part of something special

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