Brand Dubai

Wow, right now Dubai is a busy hive of international social activity.  The winter quarter; the time when Dubaians wake from heat hibernation, and frantically go about fitting 12 months’ living into 6 months’!  From November onwards, it feels like Dubaians live one long party, making up for lost time.

It kicks off with the Duabi Golf Tournament which attracts the world’s top golfers.  Entrance is free for everyone.  What a better way to encourage a wide audience!  The event is set up to attract everyone.  The kids’ entertainment zone has multiplied quite substantially from what it was a few years ago.

DH took the kids to the golf on the Thursday afternoon and the Friday morning.  The kids had a blast.  DH, a keen golf spectator, and an even more keen ‘would-like-to-play-golf-more-frequently-or-at-all’ player, didn’t see as much as a pro golf swing……but he spent a lot of money on merchandise, food, drinks etc…….An entire morning can be spent engaging kids in bouncy castles, snag golf, sumo wrestling etc.  No wonder there was no time for golf! Jumeirah marketing – I bow down to you! This is a truly brilliant move. Can I hire you to keep my 3 entertained on non-activity school days????

This year, the lovely Rory McIlroy won.  What a super tournament, and I can only admire Jumeirah for recognising a world beating talent so early on in his career.  Congratulations Rory!  Jumeirah strikes again!

This weekend Dubai was the home to the Rugby 7s’ tournament.   Entry free for kids.  Adult pre-paid tickets were on sale for weeks in advance.

DS1 is so focused on rugby, he now looks on football and swimming as ‘peasant’ sports.  In his eyes, I  see ‘why would you want to play football when you could play rugby?’  On the first day, DH took DS1 and DD.  They had so much fun.  They came back with an England shirt each as well as a rugby ball representing each of Ireland, England and Dubai!

An amazing venue: the central pitch is surrounded by 5 rugby pitches.  Kids’ entertainment – face painting, bouncy castles, tatoo artists, golf, and endless games of embarrassment.  The kids had a blast.

Day 2 – we all went.

Not much rugby watching went on from our side but we soaked up the wonderfully energetic, magical atmosphere that comes alive when ex-pats assemble en masse.

It didn’t matter that England was knocked out yesterday.   It was all about the sport, all about the day, all about the atmosphere, and I doubt there are many other countries out there which could match Dubai’s magic!

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