Santa is Watching Part 2

Yesterday I set up the children’s Santa messages from!  The message choices were for ‘nice children, naughty children or naughty/nice children’.  I couldn’t decide between ‘naughty’ or the ‘yet to decide’ option.  Before I started this exercise, I was sure I would have no problem clicking the ‘naughty’ button, and let Santa do the dirty work!  But when it came down to it, it was not as clean cut.  I slid my mouse back and forth over the options.  I hovered over the ‘naughty’ option for quite some time, but not knowing what Santa would say in this message, I couldn’t bring myself to press it.  What if Santa upset them or made them feel hopeless about making more of an effort (I know this would not be characteristic of Mr Claus, but I still didn’t want to be responsible for ruining the magic of St  Nick!)?

So, holding my breath, I opted for ‘nice/naughty’.

Turns out, Santa is quite the spin doctor; and he delivered his message with diplomatic aplomb.  Rather than saying, ‘you guys are on the ‘naughty’ list but still have time to make it to the ‘nice’ list if you do ‘x,y,z’, he said ‘you are on my good list again this year, but you still have some work to do’.

Having said that, the kids were so enthralled that Santa has a ‘book’ on them, knows their names, ages and that they go to school, as well as hinting at what they would like for Christmas, I am not sure they picked up on the small caveat!

However, judging by their behaviour today, I think they got the message.  Thank you Santa!

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