Bad Luck Comes in Threes…..

Our weekend had gotten off to such a good start.  DS1 had his first rugby training session – all injury free (Mummy happy!).  Birthday party attendance went off a treat.  Saturday dawned, and off we went in search of the long promised desk for DD.

We found one…but feared DD was all about ‘instant gratification’ than anything else.  She chose the one and only desk that would fit the space we had identified.  DH and I weren’t so sure so we persuaded her to keep an open mind and look elsewhere.  Thankfully she agreed.

By the time we were done looking for a desk, we had found a bed on stilts for DD which would have space underneath to house a desk, bunk beds for the boys, the long sought after dining table and benches, a possible front room sofa, and of course, I always find some sort of ‘antiquey’ looking storage cupboard that would look great somewhere in our house (if only we had the space!), and if we had have had the chance to look closer, I am sure we could have thrown in a few matching rugs!

But then we needed to run some errands.  DH and the sons were off to the furniture stores to confirm measurements. and availability.  DD and I had other ‘Christmassy’ errands to run.  BUT, as DH got into his car to drive off…he was not successful.  His car wouldn’t start.  Whilst he fiddled around under my car’s bonnet and his…trying to jump start his car, I noticed DS1 scratching his head vigorously.  Yesterday I noticed him scratching but assumed it was because of his rather sweaty rugby training session.  I called him over so I could get a closer look.  Thankfully the school is ‘hot to trot’ on this kind of issue, and sends out regular notifications about what is ‘going round’ at school.  I am sure we received the ‘head lice’ letter not too long ago.

Thankfully DS1 is blond, so it makes f0r easy searching for little critters.  I noticed a few blackish spots in his lovely, soft, wavy hair.  DH dismissed them as ‘grains of sand/dirt’.  I was happy to agree until I saw something move……Yep, DS1 has head lice.

Needless to say I made a dash to the local pharmacy to get the medicated shampoo and fine tooth comb.  Having no cash, I rushed to the ATM, only to find that my card was ‘declined’.  3 ATMs from 3 different banks spat back my card with a warning saying my card was ‘invalid’.  Thank goodness my credit card still worked!

In  the meantime ‘battery recovery’ had arrived to replace DH’s battery and re-start his car.  At least something was resolved this evening.

So, in the space of an hour, DH’s car battery died, I discovered head lice in my son’s hair, and Dubai ATMs refused my requests for cash…….bad luck comes in threes!



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