DS1’s List for Santa

And in no particular order of preference…..why do I get the feeling he has yet to complete this list??????

Bouncy Castle – I fear we do not have the space.  Besides, it would melt in the desert!

Rugby Kit – Only if it’s the Irish one.  You just got the England top at The Dubai Rugby 7s 2 weeks ago.

Football Kit – Further verbal clarification confirmed the chosen strip as the Chelsea kit.  Guess what?  Daddy does not support Chelsea.  But,  given DS1 was born in London, I guess it’s OK.

Star Wars Lego – Doable and thumbs up.

Football – Between you and DS2 you must have at least 10 footballs……another one would just upset the neighbours at having to throw back 11 footballs every afternoon.

Guitar – Only if you agree to have lessons.

Golf Set – You can have Daddy’s.  Since you 3 came along, poor Daddy hasn’t had the chance to look at his golf clubs, let alone play the game!

Rugby Ball – See comments on footballs above.

Castle – Ehhh, you got one last year from Santa – You’re welcome!

Teddy Bear – You have a million covering your bed already!

Jet-making Set – If it is made out recylcable materials, I’ll get cracking!

Scooter – You have one already!

Power Popper – You have one already!

Skateboard – You have two already!

Basketball – You have one already!

England Flag  – What about the Irish flag?

England Football – Ireland does have a football team too!  Please see previous comments on ‘football’.

Monster Truck – You have enough monster trucks to start your own derby.

Light Up Gun – Hmmmmm….am sure you have one……somewhere.

Light Up Stars – Tick.

Hockey Set – Ice or field?

Ipad 3 – Are you serious????

DS Nintendo – I repeat, ‘are you serious’???

Submarine – A ‘real’ one?

Football – Should this one be an Ireland one?

Race Car – A real one?  If not, then it is ‘doable’.

Hot Wheel Track – Doable.

Cap – Don’t you have enough caps???

Light up Burj Khalifa – Is there such a thing?  BTW loving the Dubai touch.

JetPack – You have to be as talented (and as rich) as  Michael Jackson!

Rocket – Will enquire with  NASA to see if they have any pre-Christmas specials.

Book – Done.  BTW you’re getting more than 1!

Drums – Daddy said ‘no’!

Snowman – We sold our chest freezer….the perfect home for the snowman.  Would a trip to Ski Dubai be a good trade?

Blanket – OMG…you have so many.  Repeat, we live in the desert, we don’t really need too much coverage at night!

Beanbag – you have a Fatboy and a beanbag with your name embroidered on it….you need 3 because…..????

TV – Daddy said ‘no’.

Light – Doable.

Helicopter – Only Sheikh Mohammed is allowed to travel by helicopter in Dubai.

Snowglobe – Guess this is doable if I can find a tourist store.

Pencil Case – Absolutely doable.

Building Set – Not quite sure what this means….but will keep a look out!

Snowman – We live in the desert…..

Right, am off to re-mortgage the house.  Goodness only knows what the other 2 expect from Santa!

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