I Wish it were Tomorrow Today

The past few days have been a blur of bristling excitement, last minute pushes to ensure pole position on Santa’s good list, squeals of delight, and unstoppable chatter about what Santa brought.

The Munchkins’ Christmas Eve plans were executed with military precision:

Eat dinner – and for once, they managed to sit at the table without imitating a ‘Jack-in-the-Box’ every 5 seconds;

Bath, hairwash  – all without the usual threats from Mummy and Daddy to get upstairs ‘now or else’!

Feed Reindeer – Put the carrots out for the reindeer – had to wrestle these away from DS1 and DS2 who dreaded the loss of their snacks!

Prep the Runway – Sprinkle Reindeer dust to show the reindeer the way to our house (seriously, there was enough glitter in those packs to make our garden visible from the moon!).  As we have artificial grass, I told the Munchkins they should put the dust in a bowl for the reindeer.  The reindeer are old fashioned, and can only detect sprinkles on real grass or in bowls;

Feed The Big Man – Set out cookies and milk for Santa by the fireplace (which has no chimney, but that’s OK as Santa turns himself into sparkles and comes into the house that way – DS1’s take on it!);

Post-Santa-Prep – Watch TV, brush teeth (again without the usual arguments of who goes first, second, third), ascend to bed (without backchat – cue ‘Twilight Zone’ theme tune);

Wow…..some days I wish it were Christmas everyday, if only for the unusually compliant behaviour of my Munckins!

My favourite comments over the past few days:-

DS2 – ‘Mummy, can we go to Jesus’ birthday party?’

Me – ‘Sure, where is he having it?’

DS2 – ‘Dunno, maybe the bowling place in Ibn Batutta?’

Me (under my breath) ‘More likely to be St. Francis Church in Ibn Batutta on the 25th!’


DS2 argued that Santa should eat enough to pop!  DS1 and DD disagreed, saying, he is not fat for most of the year.  It is only on Christmas eve when he eats so muuuuccchhhh pudding, cake, cookies and drinks so muuucccchhh Guinness/sherry/milk/7 Up that he gets fat!


All 3 on loop for 3 days: ‘I wish it were tomorrow today already.’
‘You cannot put the fire on, you will burn Santa’s bum!’ (we only have a fake fireplace and no chimney!)

‘How did he know I wanted that?’


DS2 – ‘I think Santa is an Arsenal supporter’.


‘I hate Bray Wanderers’ said DS2 in response to Santa’s letter (which implied he might one day play for them!)!


10am on Christmas morning DS2 asked ‘how long til Santa comes again, Mummy?’

Cue G&T for Mummy……

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