Mission Impossible

At least that is how it feels…….

We moved into our house over 3 years ago.  With us, we took all our furniture, and it seemed to fit in well enough.  2 things we didn’t have: curtains for the 9 windows downstairs; and light shades.

3+ years on and we still have no light shades downstairs, and a very ugly set of curtains on 5 of the windows (this will not be the description I use when I try to sell them on Dubizzle!).

My excuses?  As we do not wish to replicate an Austrian ballroom drenched in chintzy chandeliers,  many of the light shops in Dubai were instantly crossed off the list.  I personally would love the Arabic style light shades which hang eloquently from high ceilings, but unfortunately our ceilings are too low for such beauty.  We did find what we both thought was the perfect light shades for our rooms in Marina furniture store in Mirdiff City Centre Mall.  About 50 of them were hanging above the cashier’s desk.  I enquired as to the cost only to be met with uncomfortable laughter accompanied by a very confused look: ‘These are not for sale, Madam.  They are part of the store decor’.

Refusing to give up on the perfect shades, I enquired from where they sourced these wonderously crafted shades.

Again, my question was met another confused look that suggested I might be a complete lunatic, and should look around the store, and buy something that was actually for sale.

And so to the curtains.  I felt harried, rushed into buying curtains.  Our entire downstairs was exposed to nosey parkers, and the gardeners who walk into gardens as and when they need to.  Everything was on display.  That felt very uncomfortable, especially as we were due to go on summer hols a few weeks after our move into the house.  We needed to cover the windows as soon as possible.  My Expatwoman research threw up a much vouched for name.  He came to our house, took the measurements, and showed me his swatches (sounds a lot more exciting than it was!).  Let me tell ya, a swatch is very different to covering 5 windows….I know that now.  I have lived with that mistake for 3+ years.  I can’t stand the curtains.  I realised this the minute they were hung they were a mistake.  I have tried to like them.  Love was way too big an ask…..

I think I have been so scarred psychologically by my curtain decision, that my mind is afraid to go there again.  Since that decision we have installed a 4th bedroom, changed the kitchen worksurfaces, converted the garage to a playroom, installed artificial grass, changed the tiles on the porch and verandas, painted the interior, bought bunk beds, sofas, office equipment, bookshelves, shoe storage cupboards, kitchen table + benches……

Yep, think it’s safe to say, I am avoiding the curtain issue.  Out of mistakes grow our biggest fears…..fear of repeating or exacerbating that original mistake!!

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