The 2013 Bucket List

Today when someone at work asked what my New Year’s Resolutions are for 2013, I actually didn’t know what to say.  I am tired of making Resolutions, or rather, I am tired of me not adhering to my new year’s promises.  Each year I write them down, when I could just as easily scribble out the year on my list as the ‘resolutions’ don’t ever seem to change!

So, this year I am drafting a Buck-Res List – a mix between Resolutions and things I would like to do/achieve.  I have been inspired by Lesley Carter at – Lesely has lived and is living the most amazing life.  She lives life to the full, follows her dreams and her heart’s desires.  I imagine she is one of the most adrenalin pumped,  happy, and fulfilled people on the planet.  If only I had a fraction of her imagination and courage…..

Lesley’s 2013 Bucket top 10 are:

1. Visit a new country
2. Move into our new home and finish decorating
3. Visit a new continent
4. Visit a new state (USA)
5. Visit a new province (Canada)
6. Drive a NASCAR
7. Visit my family in Canada
8. Be in Ottawa on Canada Day
9. Skydive – again (I’m addicted)
10. Have an encounter with a new animal

WOW – I have thought long and hard about my Buck-Res List, but still, I hereby reserve the right to change/alter/modify/amend/update the list (yes! I was a lawyer in a previous life!).  In no particular order:

1. Be a better Parent

2. Blog every day

3. Finish writing one of the books I have started

4. Spend more one-on-one time with DH

5. Re-learn French

6. Learn how to switch off/meditate/not sweat the small stuff

7. Run some sort of race (and, not the rat race!)….be it a 3k, 5k, 10k or a marathon……..

8. Be rid of my bordeaux coloured curtains that clash horribly with my new purple sofa

9. Find lightshades for downstairs’ naked lighbulbs

10. Giggle as much as my kids

11. Stop saying ‘don’t do that, don’t do this, no, not a good idea’ to anyone under 21 years of age

12. Watch a camel race

13. Take DH and kids to the top of Burj Khalifa

14. Learn some new child-friendly recipes

15. Read more exciting books to the kids everyday

16. Change all the cherry coloured standard doors, cupboards and skirting boards in the house

17. Visit the Antiques Museum….(after 5 years in Dubai, it’s amazing how much things we have still yet to discover!)

18. Finally find the Blue Souk

19. Learn Yoga or Paddle Boarding

20. Make another list once I can tick off 10 of the above!

Happy 2013…Peace, health and prosperity to you and yours!

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