Tricky Questions

Only the first week back at school and DS2 has been keeping me on my toes with his wonderfully inquisitive mind.

After his first day back he declared he would be the third person in his class to die!  I quickly realised he was working on a ‘seniority’ death scale here; the oldest dies first, then the next oldest and so on.  He is the 3rd oldest in his class…..apparently the seniority rule can only be superseded by someone killing you…all a bit dark, I know, but it is hard to shelter him from such things when his older brother is all about ninja moves, submarines, guns (not that this has ever been encouraged), and the general theme of ‘fight to the death’.

Today DS2 asked DH and I the cutest question I have ever heard.

‘Can you show me your ‘marry moves’?’

My heart melted.

Catching DH’s facial expression out of the corner of my eye, I knew what he was thinking; needless to say, it was probably something which could not be repeated to DS2 until he is at least 8 years older!

I, on the other hand, wracked my brains trying to decipher his question.  I did ask him what he meant but, asking a 5 year old to explain what he means is not as easy as one would think.  In my experience children appear disappointed if you don’t meet their needs instantly or, in this case, answer their question instantly.  DS2 gave me this ‘are you for real?’ look and shuffled off; the disappointment that mummy doesn’t know everything etched all over his angelic little face.

Desperately trying not to let him down, and desperate to regain my ‘SuperMummy’ crown, I tried the first thing that came to mind – I associate ‘moves’ with dancing which got me thinking about DH’s dance ‘moves’.  I gave DS2 a demonstration of how DH struts his moves on the dancefloor.  He was half amused, half confused. He continued to walk away……can’t blame him.  DH’s ‘moves’ by DH are enough to send anyone running!

A later repetition of the ‘marry moves’ question, told me DS2 wasn’t satisfied with my first response but, thankfully he was distracted by something else to be too bothered waiting on another feeble attempt at a comprehensive answer!  Close to bedtime he came to cuddle with me on the sofa.  ‘I am going to marry Mummy’, he declared with a great degree of certainty.  He was obviously not impressed with Daddy’s ‘marry moves’!

One thing I am glad about though – he hasn’t applied the ‘death seniority rule’ to Mummy and himself!

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