A Weekend Sojourn

Each January we head off to a hotel to escape the incessant and unbearable drone of the 24 hour motor race across the road at the Dubai Autodrome.  This year we decided to try the Hilton Resort and Spa in RAK, instead of our usual haunt, the Jebel Ali Beach Hotel.

For the kids was like Christmas all over.  Excitement levels were through the roof at the thought of the three of them sharing a room, their own TV, and a gynormous pool in what is effectively in their back garden!

We planned to drive straight from school pick up to RAK.  This meant packing the car with our luggage in the morning……It seemed to take DH a very long time to pack the car for a weekend away.

The fact it took 3 hotel employees and DH to unpack the bags on our arrival at the hotel explained DH’s multiple trips back and forth to the car that morning.  This is what ended up in the car:

– 3 full sized ‘pulley’ suitcases which included everyone’s clothes, shoes, the kids’ favourite blankies, pillows etc;

– 3 mini ‘pulley’ suitcases packed by the kids themselves, and containing a rugby ball, geomags, a football and other favourite toys;

– 1 bulging backpack filled with electronic equipment, iPads, cameras, portable DVD player, and most importantly, chargers;

– 1 overflowing beachbag filled with swim suits, wetsuits (it’s winter here – pools are cold), goggles, flip flops;

– 1 bag replicating the medicine cabinet and lots of sunblock (I know I said winter is cold, but you can never be too careful);

– 1 handbag –  home to the usual Mummy paraphenalia as well as extra baby wipes, water beakers, books, and everything else that fell out of every other bag and off my kids;

– 1 sports bag containing a lot of healthyish snacks for the kids – just in case!

On arrival to our rooms, the kids wore a track in the carpet going back and forth unpacking their cases.  There was a lot more in there than I originally thought.  DS2 even thought to bring his Christmas decorations and hang them above his bed…..talk about making himself feel at home!

And with all that luggage which really rivals what we, as a family of 5, take on a month’s jolly over the summer, I forgot to pack my tops….perhaps I should have the kids pack everything next time – they seem to transport their world to an hotel room quite well!

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