You Say Tomato, I Say Tow-mate-o

When we arrived home from school today, DS1 made a beeline for the fridge.  All I could see was a little derriere covered in blue Chelsea football shorts sticking out from behind the thick silver door, wiggling back and forth.  For all I knew he could have been trying to cool down his sweaty head after his football session.

When he finally emerged from the chiller he was brandishing a ‘courgette’ in an almost menacing way.

‘Is this a ”corvette’? he asked looking quite pleased with himself for having identified a vegetable he hasn’t eaten since it was mushed in the early days of his solids.

‘I wish it were’, I replied, refusing to allow the giggles lurch from my belly to my mouth.

Ahhhhh……if only courgettes could transform into corvettes…….a modern day Cinderella tale…….

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