Everything You Need to know (if you are under 8 years of age!)

Gunpowder is illegal (I do wonder what question DS1 asked to get this answer!)

If you touch a piece of really old cheese which has been on the floor for a very, very long time, and if it is blue, you will get the cheese touch (DD and DS1 are convinced of this even though they have no idea what the ‘cheese touch’ is.  I am not sure I want to know!)

Brazil is a very big country with lots of animals in it and a footballer. (What are they teaching them in geography/sports history???)

R is our House-elf (DS2’s comment about our live-in helper.  Granted, it was after a marathon Harry Potter DVD session)

If you only half faint, you won’t be as lucky as Harry Potter and go to heaven to talk to Dumbledore. (See above)

Teddies can get married when they are 7 years old. (As he said this, DS1 told DD that his teddy could not marry hers because her teddy was new!)

The Tooth Fairy should pay AED20/GBP3.50/Euros 4 for top teeth.  Bottom teeth are worth half.  (DD on her way to being a businesswoman!)

An hotel is where you live for the weekend, get food (I think they mean room) service, have a big bed and your own TV.  But is is very expensive, so Mummy and Daddy won’t let you live there for very long (we have raised them well!)

If you fart somewhere, that means that is your place and no one else can touch it (who would want to?)

Ireland is a big city in England (seriously, we fought 800+ years for freedom and at 7 years old DS1 thinks it would be nice to be one in the same! Daniel O’ Connell….I apologise)

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  1. amr ibrahim says:

    that good info for my kids

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