Absent Daddy

We are very lucky.  Thanks to the international offices of DH’s company, he does not need to travel much.  He flies within the region a few times a year, and back to London for a few days at the start of each year.  This has never been much of an issue with the kids until now.  DH flew out late morning after he dropped the kids off at school.  They seemed happy.  DH reported they were happy.

‘Fabulous’ I thought.  ‘They won’t feel the 5 days pass’.

That was clearly one of my ‘Mummy Moments’.   A ‘Mummy Moment’ is when my being is filled with positive energy, leaving no room for a single, negative thought about a future event, only for that future event to give me an a*& kicking.

This feeling is probably best explained by examples:

– At school pick up, DD glared at me, her eyes  glistening with the kind of cold contempt that is usually reserved for someone who might want to rip the stuffing out of her favourite soft toy.

– When I met DS2 at his classroom door his teacher took me aside to mention he had been very upset/fragile all day.  He and another little chap had a minor run in and DS2 had been floods of tears since.  According to Miss E he was out of sorts all day.

– DS1 flung his bags at me and made a dash for the football pitch.  My pleas to help me carry them were met with ‘Daddy always carries my bags’.

– By the time we reached the car DD screamed at the top of her lungs ‘Mummy, you gave me the shortest ever uniform in the world,  to change into after PE ( I am sure she peppered her sentiments with a few more ‘evers’ ) (the uniform was to her knee).

– In the car DS1 was like a broken record ‘Mummy, I miss Daddy.’

– By the time we reached home DD was sobbing her little heart out.  She just wanted Daddy.

This sparked a trio crying a chorus of  ‘Mummy, when is Daddy coming home?’

The day’s mood was sombre.  The evening was one of hugs, cuddles and suppressed sobs (all mine!).

3 observations:

– Daddy is not allowed to go away before confirming Skype availability;

– I take my hat off to those Mums whose hubbies travel regularly; and

– Thank you to all of the involved Dads out there – we couldn’t do it without you!

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