Sons and White Lies

Tonight DS2 asked me if a person could be married two times.  Not quite sure what he meant, I probed a little further.

‘What do you mean?  Do you mean can someone marry the same person twice?’

‘No Mummy’, he snapped with the look of disappointment that felt heavy enough to sink the Titanic.

‘Oh, do you mean can someone be married to more than one person at a time?’

This observation seemed more pleasing to DS2.  Phew!

A tricky question from a 5 year old.  I explained in 5 year old ‘speak’ that some cultures and religion permit marrying more than one person.  But our beliefs encourage one marriage between only 2 people (explained in 5 year old ‘speak’).

DS2’s lower lip began to quiver.  His eyes welled up and a protruding pout told me tears were on their way.

‘But Mummy, I want to marry you‘ he cried.

Some people think lying to children is unfair, especially as adults lecture them on the importance of honesty.  However, there are times when telling a 5 year old  a white lie which will comfort him in the ‘now’ is the only thing to do.

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