Valentine’s Day 2013

DH’s and my Valentine’s Day tradition is to exchange cards and go out for dinner that evening.  It’s been like that for as long as I can remember!  Yes, there was a point in time when we exchanged romantic red coloured, and often goofy (and dare I say embarrassing), gifts, but not anymore.  Cards and dinner…the chance to chat and catch up without being interrupted every 1.2 seconds by little people, is the best way to spend the 14th February!

Well, this year DH went and changed the rules without telling me.  Last Thursday I woke up to a large bag with a red envelope peeking out, hanging on the handle of the bedroom door.  My sleep filled eyes were unable to focus in the just-post-dawn bedroom light.  My first thought was ‘lingerie?….it’s too early to be thinking about things like that, Valentine’s day, or no Valentine’s day!’  Reluctantly I left my cosy, brushed cotton sheets and stumbled to the door.  As soon as I saw ‘Furla’ emblazoned across the oversized paper carrier bag, I instantly perked up.

‘He hasn’t’, I thought.

He had……a lovely new bag from this season’s Furla collection! I was bowled over.  It was gorgeous!

At work, there was lots of ‘bag envy’ but not before everyone asked me what I gifted DH for Valentine’s Day.  Embarrassed, I had to admit, ‘nothing’.  I knew I could not return home without a gift and began scouting for suggestions.  Car wheel rims, BlackBerry X10, iPhone, Golf lessons, Cuff links……the list was endless…..and nothing ticked the box for DH.  He is so difficult to buy for!  My work colleagues don’t understand.  But they were all so impressed that DH chose such a fab bag, I was not allowed to think about not getting him a gift on my way home!

Now, I know DH didn’t expect me to reciprocate.  He hasn’t used his last gift of a head, shoulder, neck massage at the heavenly Angsana Spa…..but I couldn’t go home empty handed.

So, I enlisted the brainpower of my munchkins…..DD suggested a ‘Wii’.  About to dismiss it, I caught myself…….’That just might do the trick’, I thought.  ‘I’m sure there is a golf game on there.  I know there are exercise programmes on there.  This could be just what the doctor ordered!’

I was careful to buy a Tiger Woods golf game and red gift wrap.

The kids could barely contain their excitement when DH arrived home, and practically threw the carefully wrapped gift at him!  On opening the gift DH’s first observation was ‘Is this for me or the kids?’

My reply: ‘It’s half term next week.  When you are on munchkin watch this gift will be your friend, entertain the kids for you and bring you silence!’  Not a bad Valentine’s Day gift afterall!

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