First world problems

Yesterday on the radio, people were being interviewed about their ‘happiness’ levels in the United Arab Emirates (‘UAE’).  One lady thought ‘traffic’ was the biggest inhibitor to her complete happiness in the UAE.  This made me giggle.  Traffic here is nothing compared to London where 12mph is the City average!  First world problems, truly first world problems.

However, it got me thinking about my first world bugbears.

– Chargers…..seriously, I must have about a gazillion chargers in my kitchen drawers, all of which seem to  against me to produce one giant tangle of black cable each time I need one.  There’s one for each of my BlackBerry, work BlackBerry, camera, camcorder, electric toothbrush, portable DVD player, iPads, iPod….and then there’s DH’s chargers.  It truly is a wonder that anything gets charged in our house given the amount of rummaging in the ‘charger drawer’ we do to find the right charger!

– Passwords…Why does everything require a password these days?  How are we supposed to remember the correct passwords for all the different accounts without writing them down.  There’s bank accounts, credit card accounts, email, health insurance, blog, Amazon, Facebook, Expatwoman, gift websites, work email account, remote work email account. …And then there are the PIN numbers; here and in the UK .  Has Apple not yet devised an App to remember all of this for me????

– Parking…..there just never seems to be enough parking spots here.  At my office the free parking option quickly fills up leaving no option but to either pay AED20 an hour or risk parking illegally! Parking in the vicinity of Spinneys in MotorCity often proves tricky, especially in the afternoons.  I have lost count of how many times I have had to leave the car park, drive around the area looking for spaces, only to enter the car park 20 minutes later to find a spot.

– Cards….my wallet is full of them; bank cards, credit cards, health insurance cards, driver’s licence, ID card, car registration, car insurance card, parking credit, alcohol licence, breakdown recovery.  I struggle to zip up my oversized wallet with all that plastic!  And then there’s the business cards, my own and others!  If only all the cards could be merged into one……that would make life so much easier!!

But none of these ‘problems’ are such that they squeeze any joy out of living in the UAE.  There are so many great things about living in the UAE that make me smile, starting with the eternal blue sky that greets us every day.

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