Happy Holi

Yesterday afternoon DD and DS1 went to a friend’s Holi celebration. Holi is the Indian festival of colours which marks the crossover from winter to spring, and the planting of the crops. Traditionally people gathered to give thanks to God. White was the colour of the day. Over time however, colour has become the order of the day!

The invitation stated:

– wear old clothes;
– bring old towels;
– bring a change of clothes;
– paint finger and toe nails with nail polish; and
– put oil in hair.

Sounds like this could be a very messy party-awesome for the kids,  every parent’s nightmare.

I wondered if nail polish was part of the festival of colours as in ‘paint your nails a bright colour and fully participate in the festival etc.’ If that were the case I didn’t hold out much hope for treating DS1 to a full colour manicure. I didn’t think I could persuade DS1 to have his nails painted a festive hue, let alone persuade him to sit still long enough to have his nails glossed in clear polish.

But more confusing was the instruction to slather their hair with oil. I enquired if this meant ‘baby oil’. ‘Coconut oil’ came the response. Ehh? I am sure I have coconut oil…..somewhere in the depths of my tardis like kitchen I have a very expensive jar of organic virgin coconut oil. Not being remotely interested in cooking more than the staples of meat, carbs and veg, I could not have bought the coconut oil for any exotic, experimental cooking ( much to DH’s disappointment – Nigella, I am not – well maybe apart from the bossy/instructive tone and ample cleavage!).  If my memory serves me I bought it to muster up a concoction for some horrible pus-filled spotted virus that the boys contracted (yeeuuuuggghhhh – molluscum!).

I looked for the expiry date on the jar. There wasn’t one. Ho hum……as they won’t be ingesting it….it shouldn’t really matter, I rationalised…..As I began to apply the organic virgin (who knew this term applied to any oil other than olive oil?) coconut oil to my kids’ hair, I did question why I was smearing their hair with something more expensive than their monthly supply of shampoo and conditioner combined.

Not having used it it for quite a while, the coconut oil was quite lumpy, and gritty.  As I smeared it through DD’s hair, the hardened lumps clung to the strands of her hair and looked like nits on steroids! I squished and pressed the lumps, attempting to dissolve them into her hair. Mental note-explain to the host that the gritty lumps in DD’s hair are hardened coconut oil and not nits!

I dropped them off at the requested time.  By that time the hosts’ kids were already saturated to the core.   Within seconds my 2 were in the midst of the water-gun battle and drenched as I waved ‘goodbye’.  There was no hint of colour or mayhem.  I left feeling more relieved than I was when I arrived.

Fast-forward 2.5 hours.  My 2 were sopping wet.  DS1’s beautifully blond hair was a watery mess of green, yellow, red and blue (am assuming his blond hair made the coconut oil ineffective!).  DD was pink faced and shivering.  Indeed her torso was purple: thankfully not from the chilly breeze sweeping the desert at the time, but the pink/purple ink combo.  When I saw the teeth chattering, I jumped on them and hauled them off to change them into dry clothes.

I was the killjoy.  I was the horrible mummy who ruined the party and their lives (am sure that’s what they said!).  I was so horrible I helped them change out of waterlogged attire into dry, warm, comforting clothes.  As much as they resisted, they appreciated the snug feeling of comfort.

As we bid our ‘farewells’, my 2 remarked….’that was the most awesome-est party ever!’  No birthday party will ever match Holi!

I think most mums would agree!

Holi Jai!

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