Another car conversation with Daddy

As parents of young children, I am sure many of us think ahead to the future.  I think about secondary school, the possibility that I will be taxi-ing 3 kids to 3 different secondary schools each day.  I think about fitting in the after school activities at that point.  I even think about the day they might fly the nest and head off to Uni (and of course the fees!).  I also think about the possibility that they may decide not to go to Uni, preferring to take a post secondary sabbatical for an undetermined amount of time, living off the bank of Mum and Dad.

The last thing I thought about was that my budding geniuses were thinking about Uni…well, at least one of them was.

‘Daddy, did you go to university?’ questioned DS1 innocently.

‘Yes, I did’, came the reply.

‘Did you go away to university and leave your Mummy and Daddy?’ asked DS1 sounding a little concerned that anyone could leave home and survive.

‘Yes, I did’ responded DH reliving that precious ‘break for teenage freedom’ moment in his head.

Pause.  DS1’s look of perplexion turned to deep concentration.  Think ‘Rodin’ style!

‘I’m not going to university’ he announced with an unshakeable sounding resolve.  ‘I am never going to leave Mummy and Daddy.’

I turned to DH to say what my face already betrayed, ‘Does that mean our round-the-world trip is postponed?’

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