Agatha Christie

Once said ‘the best time for planning a book is when you are doing the dishes.’  This was the quote that pinged up on my screen when I published my last post.

I am sure the Dalai Lama or another of the world’s most ‘zen’ people said something similar: If you can be ‘present’ when doing the most mundane of activities, concentrate on exactly what you are doing, and stop the ‘mind chatter’ that generally goes on, you are on the road to ‘zen’.  When the mind is not being strangled with incessant wittering, it is freed up to notice what the soul really wants, and to smell the roses along the way.

A thought….I wonder if, since the invention of the dishwasher, many books have been planned…..

Another thought…..for those of us in the Middle East who have home help, and a dishwasher (gasp!) …..all of the aspiring writers amongst us might be in trouble!

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