A taxi chat in KL

Last week as we took a taxi to tour some of KL’s sights, the taxi driver started chatting to my boys, one of whom was dressed in his Liverpool football kit, and the other who was dressed in his Chelsea football kit (all Mummy could think if was ‘why in this humidity, would you choose to wear polyester?!!).

‘You support Liverpool?’ he asked kindly.

‘No’ came an almost disgusted response from DS2.  ‘I support Arsenal’ (as if he had been forced to don the Liverpool kit!).

The taxi driver was delighted to share he had something in common with DS2 in being a Gunners’ fan.

That was until DS1 piped up:  ‘He only supports Arsenal because he doesn’t want to be kicked out of the house for supporting Manchester United’!

Out of the mouths of babes!

DH, a lifelong Liverpool supporter, gracefully accepts that his boys will want to support other, how shall I put this, more successful football teams, like Chelsea and Arsenal et al.  It’s all about the winning for them…..BUT his tolerance levels have limits, and Man U is just that……Each time football crazy DS2 indicates any kind of positive reaction to Man U, DH issues the threat that he will kick him out of the house if he chooses to support Man U…..

DS2 obviously believes this threat……as do I!

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