And the earth moved!

Today at approx 3pm, the earth moved in Dubai.  Well, part of it did.  I didn’t feel the tremor but as I left my house to drive DD to her gymnastics session, I received a text message from a good friend saying ‘OMG, the earth shook’.  Thinking this was some sort of cryptic message, I responded with ‘????????????????????’

Last week Iran was shaken by a 6.2 earthquake which reverberated throughout the Middle East.

We, on the other hand, were holed up in the safety of humid KL, but friends reported updates on the bad weather and the Iranian earthquake which was felt in Dubai. Bewilderment, confusion and minor panic reigned.

All I could think was ‘Phew‘.

Having been back for a week, plate tectonics were not on my radar.  Done and Dusted…..

Apparently NOT.  Today, Iran experienced its strongest earthquake in history.

The Richter scale reading was 7.8

Buildings in central Dubai swayed.  Buildings along Sheikh Zayed Road rocked.  Offices were evacuated. Thank God everyone is safe and unharmed.

Iran’s earthquake last week was just 60 miles from their nuclear power plant.  Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, felt the tremors.  Tehran, the capital of Iran, did not.  Just today the UAE, via national newspapers (and prior to the 2nd earthquake), demanded details regarding the safety procedures in place at the nuclear power plant in Iran.  Here’s hoping the plant is earthquake proofed!

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