Firestarter and Speed Demon

are the new monikers DS1 and DD have assumed for their recently started go-karting careers! On their first karting experience last week they were registered using their first names.  Today, they were happy to use their registered names….until they saw the list of results which are printed out after each session.  DD and DS1 placed in the top 4 out of 9 ‘karters’.  1st place went to ShockerFarooqui.  ‘Thunderbolt’ didn’t quite live up to his/her name and neither did ‘Slow Coach’ having recorded one of the fastest laps for the month!  DS1, who has already declared his desire to place first next week (he is making a rather grand assumption that Mummy and Daddy will be willing to frequent the kartdrome again next week, all whilst dragging along DS2 with promises of the world to make up for the fact he can’t join in!), realised his racing name might influence his lap times.  I am still not quite sure why I suggested ‘Firestarter’… was one of my favourite songs back in the day……I just hope he doesn’t live up to that name on or off the track!  Besides, I am not quite sure if he needs a speed-inducing nickname.  Today, on his 2nd go at the karting track, he bettered his first time by almost 5 seconds!  If he continues on that track (excuse the pun!), he will be snapping at Lewis Hamilton’s heels in no time!

After their first foray onto the Dubai Autodrome’s indoor karting track, it was very clear DD was a speed demon, hence her equally risky racing name, even though she didn’t know what ‘demon’ meant!   DS2, who unfortunately meets neither of the kids’ karting qualifying criteria of age (7 years) or height (120cm), is already pondering his nickname for when he gets the green light to burn some rubber on the track.  I guess my pet name for him ‘Boo Boo’ won’t make the cut!

Watching DH watch the kids, I get the feeling he would love nothing more than to jump into a kart and show them how it’s done.  ‘Re-living my youth’ would have to be his racing name……Unfortunately for him, I think that might just be too long for the results screen!

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