Today I decided to start my new workout routine.  Well….it’s not so much a ‘new’ workout as a ‘new’ routine for me.  I have been in possession of the Insanity programme for quite some time, however I have been soooo scared to watch them, let alone attempt them, they remained safely stored in a remote part of my bookshelf.  When I have been brave enough to press play, I swear I broke into a sweat watching the sweaty, heart racing intensity of the warm up, let alone the workout, and I am sure I heard my core muscles shriek in horror at the thought of punishing my body like that (given my core muscles are buried somewhere deep under many layers of food indiscretions, I am amazed that the ‘shrieking’ sounds were not more muffled….).

Having read a number of threads on the UAE’s Expatwoman forum about Insanity, I felt motivated to lock horns with Shaun T.  I felt inspired.  These ladies had signed up for the challenge, and given the uninitiated amongst us the real insight into the pain, sweat and tears induced by Insanity.  Even so, reviews still don’t always strike the reality chord.  Somehow, at least in my reality/head, I thought I could keep up.  I am not saying I expected to do this without breaking a sweat or being out of puff, but I thought, having done many tough DVD workouts in the past, I might be able to struggle through.


The baseline marker, the ‘fit test’, laid down the law and made me feel wholly inadequte and weak.  After much deliberation I risked the first real workout of month one.  The WARM UP alone nearly killed me.  I guessed my earlier assessment was completely incorrect.  As usual, those Expatwomen were right!

I puffed, I panted, I sweated, I dripped… muscles cried out in burning pain……soooooo many times I wanted to quit, swear at Shaun T and run away…..but I knew that would make me a WUSS.  ‘Tis true; ‘no pain no gain.’

As I worked through the sequences it clicked what Shaun T was trying to do.  I admit it is not for the faint hearted amongst us…..but I felt hope that I may improve….and that is all  that matters.

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