Day 5

and the mini natives are getting restless.  It’s furnace hot outside; too hot to venture out for longer than it takes to pick up the daily newspaper which is gradually shrivelling up on the drive, and definitely waaaaayyyy too hot to let the little critters out to burn (excuse the pun!) off some energy!  You know the way in the UK one has a habit of ‘testing’ any sea or pool water with one’s big toe?  In the Sandpit we have our own form of temperature testing.

At 7ish AM you stand in your doorway and think long and hard about which limb will be the ‘tester’.  The test involves seeing how long it takes to break a sweat (please note, at this time of year, this is measured in miliseconds!).  Unfortunately, not being as dextrous as Inspector Gadget, I am forced to tip toe across my front porch and grab the paper.  Generally, before I even reach the paper, every pore of my being inflates to allow beads of sweat escape to form a stream of moisture from every part of my body….and I always manage to scorch my toes in the process!

I am beginning to think this test should be modified to measure how long it takes one to cry out for an IV drip to replace the vital minerals lost whilst trying to recover the newspaper…….

But back to the little critters.

Day 5 of being cooped up, and they are beginning to climb the walls.  Any parent would think the offer of  unlimited (and almost unsupervised) TV, Laptop, iPad, Wii access in conjunction with plain old toys would be sufficient to keep them entertained.  Afterall, these are all the gadgets they crave when they are in school, and against which I battle when the dreaded word ‘homework’ is mentioned.  But OH NO…..apparently, they need air; their brains need O2.  Without this vital life ingredient the critters get a tad giddy…..and mischievious.  DH and I agreed it would be best for the 3 munchkins to have the first week of the summer holidays off, to chill, relax, catch up on sleep…..It seemed like a good plan at the time, but safe to say ‘cabin fever’ is spreading like wildfire and the kids need to get out.

The pool is the only viable option…but when 3 out of 4 of us are sneezing and hacking up our lungs on an hourly basis…not even the ambient pool temps are a real option.

Instead DS1 spends his time Googling everything shark related.  He has even discovered (not literally) the pre-historic megalodon shark and Googles ‘megalodon v great white shark’ battles.  DD, his twin sis, is feeling a little left out and envious of the sharks.  To compensate she and DS2 have formed a very close bond.  They always got on well, but now they have discovered the common ‘Moshi Monster’ ground.  I suspect DD is in need of a playdate buddy and DS2 feels the need to ‘keep up’ with ‘girly’ stuff so he can showcase his ‘experience’ to his ‘girlfriends’ in September.  In the meantime DS1 seems interested in only blood and gore.


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